Josephine on Fire
an illustrated, wholesome and very erotic story.
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Jo's a bit wild
... but the story features some "friends" too.
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..My underwear follows suit, leaving me standing completely bare in the soft glow of my room.

Time to get warmed up.

I arrange the pillows to support my back, and then I start running a hand down the front of my body, my other hand reaching for the toy I had set aside.

"Time for some 'me time'," I whisper into the quiet room, my eyes gleaming with excitement as my fingers...

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The full-length story features:
β€’ an erotic story with fully nude pictures
β€’ a wholesome story about a sexual awakening
β€’ light conflict
β€’ (mostly) monogamy
β€’ open door sex scenes
β€’ a happily ever after!
Jo in the dark with a seductive expression, nude, with explicit content out of frame.
"I just found your site and I SPED through everything you've published so far. As a straight man, I didn't know this was something I was looking for but I absolutely love the mix of real storytelling and eroticism."
-u/laydownthebunt on Reddit
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"Jo is my favorite. Holy shit she is just the right amount of crazy..."
-Gardio on Discord
Meet Amy➜
Amy's a lot more reserved than Jo, will the two make good friends?
... More than friends?
I'm a one man team funded entirely by my generous patrons!
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"I love the story within a story that Amy is writing... I've been looking for some erotica with this sort of depth for a long, long time. Plus, the pictures!!"

-u/ricky311 on Reddit

Love is hard to find, but getting laid should be easy...
Don't you dare call her Josephine; her name is Jo. College was supposed to be about getting laid, ideally all the time. But is something more meaningful staring her in the face?
Does Amy have the courage to actually make a move?
Does Jo even like girls?
Featuring nude images, a sexually liberated lead, friends-to-lovers, and lots of spice.
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About the Author
Theo Hartley writes the kind of erotic stories he wants to read: featuring realistic characters, happy relationships, slow-burn, blisteringly hot sex.
Sex is so much better when there's realistic, rich characters and real emotional stakes.
Real romance, imaginary people.
The fully explicit, photo-realistic illustrations that go with the story are created with digital art tools, photoshop, and open source AI tools. Jo and her friends aren’t based on any real people or their likeness.
These characters are unique to these sexy illustrated erotic stories, you can only find them here on otherworlderotic.
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Or maybe the girl next door is more your type...
Meet Laura➜
Lesbian erotica grounded in reality
This story is different from what you typically get with erotica. Here, the characters feel like real people and their connections are as genuine as the ones you know.
No overdone theatrics; just a compelling, down to earth story. And of course, an illustrated erotic story brings extra spice. Get wrapped up in a erotica where the sparks fly without needing to resort to tired tropes.
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Positive and wholesome
Illustrated erotica is hard to come by, especially where the heat is matched by heart. These stories get explicit, but they're consensual encounters that not only sizzle but also celebrate the joy of a positive, respectful connection. It's an erotic story that's as much about the chemistry as it is about the caring. Sex is better when there's a partnership built on trust and mutual pleasure.
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Novel-length erotic stories with a visual component
NSFW AI allowed the creation of this new form factor of erotica, similar to porn comics, but with a lot more substance. These illustrated stories feature the emotional intensity you can only get through a book, yet elevate the experience with enough pictures to keep things... stimulated.
If you enjoy adult comics or the deep, character-driven storytelling of a novel, you'll love this. The story has a sophisticated twist on erotic enjoyment for those seeking substance with their sizzle.
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A note from the author
Josephine on Fire is releasing every week! I love working on the next installment of what Jo and Amy get up to every day.
If you're looking for more, I'm already deep into creating new illustrated erotica for otherworlderotic, and you can check out 'Laura the Bold' for a complete erotic illustrated story!
I hope you enjoy Josephine on Fire!
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